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Mili was born, or fell from the sky, somewhere near Taumaranui in around 1970. She grew up under an assumed name in the western suburbs of Auckland. After a string of unsatifying factory jobs she went, in her words "completely nuts" and discovered her true name , Mili Purpil.

Although mostly Self taught, Mili worked in several maufacturing jewellery workshops before setting out on her own. She sees herself on a life-long learning curve. She is never quite satified with the results of the lessons but is spured on to try harder and do better. With her workshop in the middle of New Plymouths' CBD , Mili makes bread and butter money repairing and remaking other peoples treasures.

"Working 'In Trade' allows me to eat and develop my art."

She takes her inspiration from everyday things, insects, plants and faucets. The materials themselves often provide the insiration. The rock in the "Rock safe" was collected on a fishing trip. The kina shells are storm washed and collected by friends and on her bench a megladon tooth, opals, and other precious things await to be turned into treasure.

Her future aim is to work mostly on commissions.

" The real challenge is to create a personalised piece. Fixing crap from chain stores can get you down after a while . Jewelery isn't just a commodity like gold or pork-bellies. It's a blantant statement of who and what you are. Creating a 'One of a kind piece' is a very , very serious business."
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