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The workshop is run on a traditional model, where almost every task is done in-house.


Range from silver, white and yellow golds to platinum, with shakudo, and shibuishi, most being alloyed in the workshop, including our own steel. So colour and carat are your choice.

We source our stones from all over the world, both as finished cut goods and as raw material that we cut. So anything from Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, to the more unusual, Zoisites, Charites, I could write a huge list, suffice to say, if it's out there we can probably get it.

Almost all Items, are handmade one-off s. Unless some one wants multiples, and then we have all the equipment to do small to medium casting runs. Some component parts, are cast, like the shells in the Kina range, but all items are hand finished from this stage, ensuring their uniqueness.

We also engrave, set, repoussae, forge, and explore ancient techniques, like granulation, reticulation, mokume (woodgrain), and Niello.

We have a full machine shop and smelt our own black sand steel, and work it in the smithy (what do these people not do ? we love metal) so if you want it and we can't make it, probably can't be done, or we're the only ones who know who can.
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